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Sunrise Side Home Healthcare provides in-home assistance for those in the Alpena County MI area recovering from surgery, illness, accident, or catastrophic injury. Whether you've suffered a serious injury or undergone an invasive and disruptive surgical procedure, healing is not always a simple matter. While your body needs rest to recover fully, your daily duties and obligations may make it hard to relax. Not only does this make healing a more stressful process, but it raises the risk that you will overexert or injure yourself, thus compromising your recovery.

Sunrise Side Home Healthcare is there to provide home care assistance with routine activities during you or your loved one's recovery. We have the resources and expertise to help you bounce back from even the most devastating procedures and injuries. We strive to empower each patient, giving you a clear, achievable path back to full health and ability. Whether you or a loved one needs full-time, 24/7 nursing care or just a little help here and there, our caregivers are at your side.

Advantages of Home Care

  • The patient has the opportunity to feel most comfortable, secure, and loved at home. Home care services usually cost less than keeping a patient in the hospital or a facility.
  • Family caregivers may feel most relaxed and confident when services are provided in the home as it offers more oversight from the family. It is easier for the family to spend time with their loved one at home.
  • Family members can be actively involved in a loved one's care, and caring for the person in his or her own home environment allows for more flexibility.
  • It allows a patient to recover in the comfort and security of her own home.
  • Services received in the home will be specialized to each patient according to their specific needs.
  • There is less room for errors because the caregiver only focuses on one patient rather than multiple patients.

Catastrophic Injury & Long Term Home Care in Alpena County MI

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A catastrophic injury is a severe, life-altering injury or event resulting in long-term or permanent complications and limitations. These types of injuries commonly impact the brain, spinal cord, or central nervous system, which may in turn damage other parts of the body. Catastrophic injuries require long-term medical care and often leave patients unable to work ever again.

At Sunrise Side Home Healthcare, we understand the physical pain and emotional impact of catastrophic injuries, and we're here to help. Our Registered Nurses and Home Health Aides are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide in-home assistance for your loved one - such as meal preparation, housekeeping, transferring, monitoring of vital signs, and more. We specialize in long-term home care and will remain by your side for however long your loved one needs. With Sunrise, support is never far away.

Accident & Surgery Recovery

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Our team has experience with a wide range of different injuries, having helped employees recover from workplace accidents, seniors heal after falling, and drivers recover from collisions. Sunrise realizes how crucial quality care is in the weeks and months after an accident or surgery. To make the most of this critical time period, we provide:

  • Detailed Vetting - We hire only fully qualified nurses and aides. Everyone on our team is subject to an extensive background check, as well as drug testing, identity verification, and exams to make sure they know everything they need. You can thus be confident in the person providing your care.
  • Personalized Service - Rather than offer the same care to each patient, we take the time to understand your unique needs, goals, and challenges. By paying attention to these specifics, we ensure that our care works for you.
  • Family Collaboration - Our team is happy to work with your family and friends, incorporating them directly into your care. Not only does this provide you with more support, but it helps them feel more involved, creating stronger bonds between you and your loved ones.


"Very pleased with the quality of care I received."

- William V.*

"Our home health aide was there for our family during difficult times and I appreciate everything Sunrise Side Home Healthcare Agency has done for us."

- Paula S.

All Private Duty Services from Sunrise Side Home Healthcare Agency can be combined or customized to provide the best care possible for your loved one.

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